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Are your memories safe?

Old photo of kids on Harley

Just one of MANY memories... me and my bros growing up.

A sure way to walk down memory lane is to sit down and page through old photo albums. I had the privilege to do just that with my grandmother last weekend. Not only did I see pictures from my youth, but from my mother’s and even from my grandmother’s childhoods. It was awesome to have such a great record of all those precious moments, to receive such a wonderful history lesson about our family, and to share that quality time with her. But it got me thinking… are my photos – which are mostly digital these days – in safe keeping?

My answer to that was unfortunately no, not really. The more I thought about it the more anxious I got. Maybe its the fact that my old laptop seems to be on the fritz (where most of those memories are stored)… or the fact that I’ve had my nose buried in my latest read, World War Z. (a fictional book recounting a zombie apocalypse). Regardless, I was finally motivated to sort through, organize, and backup thousands of those photos this past weekend. I clicked through everything from vacations, my wedding, the building of our very own home… to the day we brought our dear pooch Maple Bacon home as a puppy. All great stories and photos I look forward to sharing with loved ones for many, many more years to come.

So now I can rest assured – whether it be a computer crash, fire, flood, or zombie attack, my 15GBs of digital snapshots from the last 8 years are secure in a fireproof safe AND easily transportable on 4 DVD discs. However, this is just the beginning of my organizational and back-up frenzy… what about all those printed photos recording my youth? I see lots of photo scanning in my future.

Scanning all those printed photos may not be as urgent of a matter to tackle, but properly backing-up my digital photos now has definitely put my mind at ease. What about you… are your memories safe?

While I know plenty about Photoshop, computers, etc., I’m definitely no expert. CD/DVD storage is only one avenue of many for backing up and storing those photo memories. With the rise of photo sites, like Shutterfly.com, etc. and cloud computing many of you probably already have a good number of your photos stored online. Your options for protecting your precious memories are endless. There are a plethora of online resources to choose from. Savemymemories.org gets it and is a great reference for anyone looking to get started. While you are at it, it also couldn’t hurt to backup your entire computer. External hard drives are a great tool for that.

All and all, the important lesson here is that you take action to ensure your memories – be it photos or documents – are safe for sharing with generations to come.

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