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Why you vote the way you do …

Love this designer’s AIGA “Get Out and Vote” poster submission – http://www.behance.net/Gallery/Vote-Posters/84190

On the eve of a very big election day in Wisconsin, I stumbled upon an article so extremely relevant that I just had to blog about it. The article was “Why you vote the way you do” in The Week magazine. It was an intriguing read suggesting that “genes play a role … but it’s six moral values that determine your political outlook.”

Now, before you assume what side of the line in the sand I stand on, I want to say I don’t intend to get on my soap box and preach about who I think you should vote for in the election taking place tomorrow (June 5, 2012). I actually have a cardinal rule of not discussing politics with friends (unless asked). However, reading that article on my couch last night simply made me stop and think – reminisce if you will – about A.) why I vote, and B.) why I vote the way I do. How you ever stopped and asked yourself that … honestly?

I vote because its my right to have my voice heard. Alternatively, I’ve also exercised the right to not have to vote because I wasn’t sure I was informed enough to make the proper decision. It’s the beauty of the USA … voting here is not compulsory and every citizen (of age) holds the right to make that individual choice.

Why do I vote the way I do … sure, maybe my DNA has predetermined some of my voting tendencies … but nurture, my values, education, work experience, my curiosity and search for more information most definitely play a role as well. I’ll be the first to admit I was once young, naive and easily influenced by my peers and by what I heard/read, etc. – especially in my college days. Unfortunately, I fear too many fall into that category – young or old, rich or poor, college graduate or not!

Regardless, my message today is simple … VOTE!

This election in particular is a BIG one. And your educated and informed opinions matter! BUT … please vote for you, not someone else. Make a decision based on your own beliefs/morals/values/etc … vote with your heart … vote with your brain.

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