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Managing Stress

Keep Calm and Drink Wine

Could not say it any better!

Today was just one of those days – a day full of the big, bad S word… stress!

Between work deadlines, personal to-dos, family strains, and just all around anxiety, I had had more than enough. And let me tell ya, the fact that I’m jumping on a plane in a week, and will be out of the country for five weeks doesn’t help matters either. (Don’t get me wrong… I’m excited for the trip. There is just sooooo much to do and not enough time to do it.)

I finally realized I’d reached my boiling point while running errands after work. Stuck in an annoying amount of traffic, I found myself letting out all my frustration by hollering as loud as I could by myself in my car. Unfortunately, it was only a temporary release … I still found myself in dire need of relief.

I then strained (and struggled) to recall an article I had read just days prior while sitting back in a stylist chair treating myself to a much needed cut and color. It was an article about stress relief – which I royally suck at. I don’t work out or get massages, instead, I pile more on my plate, hold it all in and pretend everything is okay. Well, wait… it’s not all that bad. Deep breaths and lots (I mean LOTS) of sighing help to a certain extent. I also enjoy some great laughs with my hubby and make sure to take refreshing walks with the pup every morning. But, it’s not always enough. So, while I sip my wine (wine makes it all better, right?), lets revisit the 16 lovely tips Allure magazine* has pulled together. Maybe there is something beneficial we could all strut away with …

1. Hypnotize yourself.
And no, not the “swaying pocket watches and deep trances…” They suggest simply closing your eyes, focusing on your breath and visualizing something pleasant. Brings to mind a site I need to use more often – http://www.donothingfor2minutes.com

2. (Really) forgive someone.
Sounds like a great idea… definitely one of those “easier said than done” statements.

3. Open the window.
Nothing beats deep breaths of fresh air.

4. Send yourself flowers.
While I may not “send” myself flowers, I’ll definitely take a second look at the bouquets of flowers next time I’m zipping through the grocery store.

5. Pucker up.
“A kiss (or two) a day can keep the stress away.” Kissing helps alleviate any feelings of loneliness and releases helpful endorphins.

6. Take a time-out.
A simple minute or two break to again do nothing can do wonders. Too bad we didn’t realize how valuable those time-outs were growing up.

7. Take it easy.
Work out, but don’t push yourself too hard. According to Allure experts, a moderate to light workout will be more mentally beneficial than an intense one.

8. Say “OM”
Yoga! And yes, I’m all for introducing yoga mats into our office decor.

9. Go into the light.
Oh, sunshine, how I love you.

10.Watch a tearjerker.
Only if the hubby lets me have the remote…

11.Treat your allergies
Makes sense to me… irritating allergy symptoms = increased stress levels

12.Drop an f-bomb.
Unfortunately, no problems in that department.

13. Get busy.
Get off the couch or the computer and stop dwelling on the inevitable or uncontrollable. Do something – anything – to get your mind off all those things causing you stress.

14. Surround yourself with beauty.
Look at pretty pictures – or in my opinion even better yet, do something that makes YOU feel pretty!

15. Be a pescatarian. (one whose diet includes fish but no meat)
I don’t think I could swing being a full pescatarian, but the benefits of the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish are enough to encourage me to reconsider my entree order or home menu for the week.

16. Play a video game.
The key here is that they be nonviolent video games … probably not an issue for most of us. Who knew I’d be able to justify downloading more ridiculous games on my smartphone.

Well, that wraps it up folks. I know I’ve found this beneficial. What about you? Are there any other tips or tricks you’ve found that work? If so, please share. I’d love to hear them and give them a shot!

*The 16 tips outlined above are from Allure Magazine’s article, 16 Ways to De-stress.

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