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Plan ahead for quality time

I don’t care what anyone says … I don’t find sitting in front of the TV with your significant other, family or friends to be “quality time.” Now, don’t get me wrong …I’m all for kicking back on the couch and relaxing with the TV on, or cuddling with the hubby during a movie (especially on cold, dreary days.)

To me, quality time with someone means interacting with one another… say a day of shopping with the girls, pedi’s with your mom or tackling a fun house project with your significant other. I’ve always thought taking a class with someone would be a lot of fun as well. The options are endless really … cooking classes, dance lessons, knitting/craft courses. And don’t discount a lectured course on a topic you both (or all) find interesting.

Recently, my hubby and I sat through a course on tree identification. While we didn’t say much more than a few words to each other throughout that 2-1/2 hour course, it educated us on a topic we both find intriguing. Come this spring, while we plant another 400+ seedlings throughout our property or while hike around our property, we can engage each other on a whole new level. And that my friends, is my true definition of quality time.

What is quality time for you?

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