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Battle of the Bathroom Sconces

Clearly Creative Collection + Moss Wreath Idea = Final Product!As I’ve alluded to in a previous décor post, my home decoration has been quite the drawn out process. So when I tell you that after 3 years, I’ve finally found sconces to flank the walls surrounding my master bathtub, it’s a big deal. (Big thanks to my Partylite pal, Jackie!) However, purchasing these 2 sconces was only half the battle. As you can see from the top left photo above, these sconces feature a unique glass component (a feature of the Clearly Creative Collection) that allows for customization – be it filler based on an individual room theme, décor trends or to show some holiday cheer.

And here in lies the start of the latter half of the battle…

I tore through old, stored craft boxes for potential supplies, perused through numerous store aisles and shelves on my lunch hours, and clicked through thousands of Google images for ideas and inspiration. I wasn’t going to settle for something that simply looked nice – I wanted something that matched my décor and fit my specific style. And because it was too easy and too canned, I immediately eliminated the option of using store-bought vase filler. I ultimately ended up with a list of potential filler ideas based on colors and theme. I hope you enjoy my brain dump and filler explorations below…

Corks in sconce

Cork filler exploration ... need more color!

Options based on the color green:

  • dried split peas or other
  • leaves
  • moss rocks
  • limes, apples or pears
  • bamboo shoots
  • dried artichoke

Options based on the color brown:

  • corks (see photo)
  • twigs, grape vines
  • coffee beans
  • pine cones

Based on the color orange:

  • varied-sized buttons
  • dried corn
Sea Shells in Sconce

The shells are neat ... but its too soft for my taste.

  • mini pumpkins
  • thumb-tacked or painted Styrofoam ball
  • marbles
  • candy corn
  • flower petals
  • ornaments

Based on a theme – earthly materials:

  • shells/sand (see photo)
  • pebbles/stones
  • leaves/twigs
  • grass
  • straw
  • flowers
  • bird eggs
  • acorns

As luck would have it during this brainstorm battle, I stumbled upon a craft flier featuring the moss wreath pictured above while sitting in the floral/craft aisle of the local JoAnns store. It combined everything I was pondering – I loved it immediately!

The assembly was pretty quick & simple. I purchased small grape vine wreath to dissemble, a box of faux moss rocks, a large combination bag of varying tones of moss and I was on the road. My initial attempt closely resembled an elementary craft project gone wrong! Attempt #2 was much stronger and the final result. The major difference – clumping the similar elements together so the differing colors popped and the varying textures were discernible. And in the end, less is more!

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Home Decoration … the never-ending process

I find an insane amount of inspiration from paging through the Pottery Barn catalog. I also have a strange fascination with looking into others’ homes as I drive by. (Hey, don’t judge … I know I’m not the only one!) At the end of the day, it comes down to the uniqueness of it all. Regardless, I’ve determined that decorating one’s home and making it your own is a never-ending process. You either get sick of what you have or you never had it from the start.

Well, there’s a lot I’ve never had … even after living in our new home for coming up on THREE years (crazy how time flies). I’ve had my challenges — a major one being defining the style and tone of the house that we (my husband & I) want to portray. When discussing the build of our home with others, we often say we put “country” and “contemporary” in a can, shook it up and poured it out to achieve our current look. Even so, we still both have different opinions on the accents we add. Fortunately, I’ve found success in combining the old, antiquish (if that’s not a word, I’m making it one) with modern touches. It’s worked for us, but in moderation of course. Balance is key. No matter what my excuse — spousal style differences, time, the expense, uncertainty, wanting to do it right the first time, etc., I’m super excited about one of my recent additions.

Here's the final look. Just keep it simple.

While this scale filled with green, earthy goodness isn’t utilized for its orginal purpose any more, the look and story behind it all makes it all worth it. (Just a fyi from the very beginning here – I’m obsessed with the color green!) Long story short, this scale has been a part of my husband’s family for decades. Initially, I loved the look of it, but wasn’t sure how to incorporate it into our decor. My husband was persistent and we ended up placing  the food scale appropriately near the kitchen. I started out filling it with scented pine cones from the holiday season, but stumbled upon the decorative green vase filler balls that I had stashed away as a happy accident. From that point on, the scale tray has been their permanent residence and I get nothing but complements on it. Maybe next Christmas, I’ll add some festive decor to mix it up.

The lesson here … don’t overlook those little things that you don’t know what to do with – especially if there is some history or a personal story behind it. And don’t be afraid to experiment with the addition of a few random components to make it unique to you. The end result may surprise you as this scale accent did for me.