About Jenny

The funJenny Rooted Spoons Photo instigator of the pair, Jen is actually quite quiet and unassuming … when you first meet her.  Once you get to know her,  you’ll find out she is a firecracker and has fun no matter what she is up to. You’ll also notice she talks way too much with her hands and scrawny arms, is easily distracted, and tells really long stories when she’s excited ( … or drinking).

Jenny is caring, smart, ambitious, and so incredibly creative.  A true country girl at heart, she loves being outdoors with her hubby and black lab.  She is constantly active — whether in her garden or coming up with the next great decoration idea.  One day you’ll find her creating the most beautiful design you have ever seen — the next, she is dressed in Carhartts and muddy boots working outside. Nothing can hold this girl back from motivating you to try something new and look on the brighter side.


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