About Audra

AAudra Rooted Spoons Photo Texas girl… she’s smart, strong, compassionate, sassy and fun. She’ll tell you how it really is – but only because she cares. She’d ultimately float away with all of her big dreams if it wasn’t for her level-headed husband holding her balloon string. Despite the fact that she’s always so well dressed and presentable, Audi admits to being more than a bit self-conscious and worries way too much about what others think as to not disappoint or let anyone down. On the bright side this quirk has not only prevented a criminal record (BIG bonus!), but also pushed her to strive to improve and become better.

Audi is passionate about many things in life … her hubby & chocolate lab, family & friends, always learning, aviation, working out, travel, sweet vintage finds, and simply pulling the good nuggets out of all the twists and turns that life throws at her. All and all, this Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader wannabe (maybe in her next life) has got what it takes to make you laugh and dream big with her.


One thought on “About Audra

  1. Ann Knuth says:

    Nice to get to know a bit more about you Audra. I’m thinking well of you – so far. All kidding aside, I look for the best in others and like to see them acheive their dreams. Wave the next time you fly over Cambridge! – Ann K.

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