About Rooted Spoons

Rooted Spoons PhotoWe are two women living the dream, striving to continue to grow and help others grow along the way.  We want it all and are doing our best to get there.  Not everyone is alike, and neither are we.  We are besties for life – similar in our quirky traits, but unique in fabulous ways.

Our issues are your issues – not enough time, external pressures, healthy living, money, taking care of our family units….oh, did we mention not enough time?  We are still working on how to make the day 28 hours, but alas, no success.  Yet.

We realized that we wanted to add one more thing to our plate… we wanted a creative outlet to try new things, to learn and grow a dream.  Our vision is to provide entertaining, beneficial and supportive content to those just like us — women striving to have it all while appreciating the little blessings in life and learning from all the bumps in the road along the way.

Thanks for reading and spending time with us while we dish out life…the good, the bad and the delicious!

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Also, we would love to hear from you!  Email us at rootedspoons@gmail.com


The views in this blog are our views and our views only.  We are not endorsing or being paid by any company or product mentioned.


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