Can I truly “unplug”?

Not me... or my vacation spot. But my vacation is just as awesome as this picture looks.

I am currently on vacation…and thanks to much prep work and a great trip, I have actually been able to “unplug” more than I have on other vacations in the last few years.  (Hence my lack of blog post last week…but don’t worry, you are getting two posts from me this week, just in case you missed me. 🙂 )

There is still work that has to be done, but I am pretty proud of myself and the fact that I have been able get done what I have gotten done and then go right back into vacation mode.

But I truly wonder, in today’s society of constant contact and ability to be reached at anytime and anywhere – can we truly unplug?

We set the expectations in our lives, and for many of us, we have set the expectation that we are all available – all the time.  Any time, any place, no matter what we are doing, no matter who we are with.  Whether for family, friends or work – we are always “on”.

I think we all strive to find a good balance in life and having a great trip where a glimmer of “unplugging” has been shown to me has taught me that it is possible to have a fulfilling day without checking facebook, replying to too many emails (but yes, I did check them daily) or having my phone glued to me all day.

Now that I my eyes have been opened to this, I plan to continue down this path… What do you do to find a good balance or “unplug”?

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One thought on “Can I truly “unplug”?

  1. Jenny says:

    Hello from down under … where I’ve officially been forced to unplug due to distance and intense travel itineraries. This time has defintitely proven how much we often rely on our technology. While refreshing, I miss connecting with my hubby, family and friends!!

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