Pinterest… the greatest, but best, time suck

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So, let’s talk about Pinterest.  At this point, I think everyone has heard of it, most people are on it and of those who are on it, a good chunk are officially in the “addicted” category.

Pinterest is a place where we put together our imaginary wardrobes, build our imaginary homes, dream of our amazing weddings/nurseries/holiday parties, plan our rainy-day crafting and realize how much more organized our lives could be.

To date, my girlfriend Kelsey and I have had a Pinterest recipe night (cheese roll ups and Orange Julius smoothies – yum!) and a Pinterest crafting day (ribbon wreath, pictured above, and felt wreath).  It is affecting how we find things, how we spend time together and how we view household items and garbage.  Before an empty oatmeal container was garbage, now it is a perfect headband holder.  Pinterest is changing our culture in ways that I don’t even think we realize yet… and frankly, I don’t realize yet.

So, for those of you who haven’t joined, I encourage you to drink the Kool-Aid.  But be warned, it is like potato chips.  You can’t eat just one.  You can’t pin just one.

p.s. Wow, two food references in one tiny paragraph?  I must be hungry!

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One thought on “Pinterest… the greatest, but best, time suck

  1. Ellen says:

    Audra, I love reading your posts! I joined pinterest a while back, but have not had time to get on it! Maybe that’s a good thing! Now about those ribbon and fabric scraps I have in the basement…I think I hear a wreath calling my name…. Love, Aunt Ellen

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