Sharing way too much, dancing way too little…


Welcome to very beginning of our creative endeavor – the Rooted Spoons blog! Our goal for these genuine, funny, enlightening, and even embarrassing blog posts is to share our stories, in likely way too much detail, in order to help us all reflect on the good, the bad and much, much more in hopes we all become stronger, smarter, happier women.

We are notorious for the following conversation:
Audra: “We need to go to do something fun…”
Jenny: “We should go dancing!”

But inevitably we get too busy, too distracted or what not and it never happens.  But we always have the best of intentions…

But really, we do dance!  In our cars while singing to our new favorite song, in our kitchens while cooking for our families (or in Audra’s case, watching her hubby cook), in our offices for a job well done, and really anywhere random … where ever and when ever the moment strikes. At the end of the day, it makes us happy … so why don’t we do it more?

Our goal is to share way too much but change the dancing way too little!  We will dance for the happy times, for the times we’re overcome by the bad, and for the days we just don’t know what else to do!  There may be a YouTube video of this in the future…but alcohol will probably be necessary.  So stay tuned on that…

So buckle up and enjoy the ride!  We are not sure where we are heading, but know we will be dancing along the way…


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